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while you're waiting for the food to come
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While You're Waiting for the Food to Come
by Eric Muller, Illustrated by Eldon Doty


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Fool your two eyes and your one brain. Make a hole appear in your hand.


-Any Piece of Paper that can be rolled into a tube

Also try a Cardboard toilet papar tube
or paper towel tube

The Recipe:

1)Roll your paper into a tube.

2) Hold the tube with one hand next to the palm of your other hand.

3) Look through the tube with one eye. Look straight at your palm with the other eye,

It might take a few seconds, but can you see the hole in your hand? If you don't see it, try this trick again with your other hand and other eye.

Food for Thought:

Your left eye and your right eye see and send different visual information to your brain. Usually, your two eyes send image information that is almost the same. Consequently, your brain has no problem combining the right and left images together. However, this trick forces your right and left eyes to see images that are so different that your brain blends them incorrectly. It creates an image of a hole in your hand.


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