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while you're waiting for the food to come
Great for Science Fair projects!

While You're Waiting for the Food to Come
by Eric Muller, Illustrated by Eldon Doty


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After you drink your pop, pop your straw!


Straws and plenty of them
Tip: The thick, white striped kind of straws you get at fast food burger restaurants work best.

The Recipe:

Getting this trick down right may take some practice. Don't give up if you don't get it right the first time. The pop is worth the

1) Tightly pinch both ends of a straw.

2) Twist the straw with a peddling type motion.

3) As you twist, the amount of straw between your fingers should get smaller.

4) Twist until you can't twist any more. You should have about an inch (two to three centimeters) of hard, untwisted straw
between your fingers.

5) Now, have someone flick his or her middle finger at the untwisted portion of straw. They should hit the straw with their
fingernail and they should flick hard! If the trick works the straw will make a loud pop. If it doesn't pop the first time, flick again
or try another straw.

Food for Thought:

You trapped air in your straw and compressed it. By twisting, you squeezed the air that was in a long straw into the space of a very short straw. The flick compressed the air inside the straw even more, so much so and so fast that the walls of the straw couldn't take it and popped!

Copyright 1996 Eric Muller
While You're Waiting for the Food to Come"

Original copyright of While You're Waiting for the Food to Come 1995 Eric Muller

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